Where Next for the Mining Industry?

Just waiting for a market swing & the long-awaited “light at the end of the tunnel” is not an option
It’s an exciting period of opportunity and investment in the sector
Now is the time to make fundamental and dramatic changes!

Sharpen your focus on productivity, sustainable cost management, structural change & innovation

Senior executive leadership will gather in Denver to discuss the capital management strategies, cutting edge technologies and operational investments that will drive the mining industry for years to come.

This year delegates will be part of discussion on take-home solutions to current critical challenges facing resource projects.

The 2015 Agenda will address:

• The Big Picture – industry outlook & crucial issues impacting the mining industry

• The Development Partner Framework – building sustainable long-term value for all stakeholders

• Current state of affairs on market regulations

• Achieving sustainable cost reduction

• Engaging the investment community
• Process and performance advances

• Operational integration, maintenance excellence

• Experiences from North America’s top mining projects
• When the world comes to the Americas: experiences from global regional mining projects

• Building the public case for mining: why is it an essential need?

• Where will the mining industry go from here?…

The Mining Americas Summit series is an exclusive event for industry executives from operating mines.

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